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Our Application Process

Fire and Burn Safety Coalition of Maryland
 Alarm Devices for Deaf or Hard of Hearing 

Let us explain our application for a home smoke alarm system.
To apply click on the button below.

  • FABSCOM helps Maryland residents with a qualified need to obtain a home alarm set-up that offers a visual and sensory alarm to alert them if their smoke or Carbon Monoxide alarm activates.

  • To request help obtaining an alarm set-up and participate in this offering we need you to answer all questions and then submit the application.

  • Applicants receiving help must be Maryland residents and certify they are deaf or hard of hearing

  • This application will ask you to upload certification of need in the form of a letter from a doctor, medical provider or audiologist certifying your need for these assistive alarm set-ups

  • Applicants living in institutional facilities such as dorms, nursing homes, assisted livings, etc, cannot be considered as part of the FABSCOM assistance.

  • Please click the button below to fill out the application.

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