Bed-Shaker Alarming Devices

At night, while asleep, members of the deaf and hard of hearing community are not served by conventional audible smoke alarms or visual smoke alarms when a fire breaks out in the home.  Bed-shaker alarming devices have been been developed to correct this problem.  By "listening" for the sound of a conventional, audible alarm the bed-shaker will powerfully shake the person's bed alerting them of the hazardous situation.

Members of FABSCOM assist in acquiring and distributing bed-shaker alarming devices throughout the state of Maryland. If you are unable to locate or afford the cost of a bed-shaker, please contact FABSCOM and the committee will assist you in your efforts to acquire a visual smoke alarm and/or bed-shaker alarming device.

Note: FABSCOM will provide one Deaf/Hard of Hearing Device per individual as funds permit.

Gentex Smoke Alarm

Gentex photoelectric smoke alarms notify of smoke or fire using audible and visible means. It is hardwired with battery backup. 

Members of the deaf and hard of hearing community can also benefit from these alarms in an emergency.

To request a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Smoke Alarm Installation, click button below. Fill out form that follows completely and upload a doctor/audiologist letter of need.


Residential Sprinkler Education

Residential fire sprinklers are life savers. In the early 1990's one MD county required sprinklers to be installed in all newly constructed single family homes. No fire deaths occurred in a 13 year period in homes that had residential sprinklers. Unfortunately, 47 fatalities occurred in non sprinklered homes during this time period.

Many communities throughout the state are presently requesting information and some are mandating the installation of residential fire sprinklers in newly constructed single family homes.

Smoke Alarms


Smoke alarms are available for installation in your area. Contact us to find out more.

Make sure to maintain your smoke alarms through monthly testing. 

By January 2018, Maryland will now require all 9-volt battery operated smoke alarms to be replaced with the 10 year lithium ion battery smoke alarms. 

Visit for more information!

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